Setting Intentions for 2017

This may sound strange, but I look forward to the New Year with just as much gusto as I do to Christmas. Champagne, enthusiastic countdowns, and midnight kisses are lovely, but the real draw is new beginnings and goal-setting.

I am actually really good about sticking with my resolutions. I only aspire to things I truly want, not things I think I am supposed to want. I set them realistically. There is usually something tangible and something abstract. I don't let myself get discouraged when I veer off track, rather I let that distraction serve as a reminder to keep working towards my ultimate goal.

For 2015, my resolutions were to simplify my belongings, to speak up for myself, and to adventure more alone. I tore through my house, donating much of the stuff that was clogging up my life. I told people no more often, or asked for things I wanted. I took many hikes, just my dog and me. And I still carry those goals with me. They weren't left at the door January 2016, they were part of a permanent change. They were to make me the person I have chosen to become. 




For 2016, I needed to work on my fiscal self. I resolved to make headway on my student loans and make significant contributions to my savings account. I also wanted a better work/life balance, to lose recently gained weight, and to read 20 books. 

It wasn't easy, but here I am. And I'll add them to the pile of positive habits I carry with me.


 The 35 books I read in 2016.

The 35 books I read in 2016.

So what to do in 2017?

I'm going to build my credit. 

I'm going to smooth out some edges in my business and make regular posts online.

I'm going to get married in Europe.

I'm going to read at least 20 books.

I'm going to do yoga more days than I do not do yoga. And other health choices.

I'm going to limit my internet usage (by using the Break Free App!).

I'm going to show more kindness to those around me.

This morning I made a carafe of coffee and spent an hour writing my goals down and the steps it would take to achieve them. Sarajane Case taught me that follow-through is all about mapping out your target task-by-task. Going to Europe is a huge goal, but my first step is to apply for a passport. 

Resolutions are never easy things to achieve, but that's why they're valuable. People seem to laugh off sticking to it for six days and then letting it all go, but I know you can do it.

And all it takes is you knowing that too.

Carrie & Kathleen

Carrie & Kathleen

A new beginning.

Kathleen & Carrie 1

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to my new site! I'm so excited to be using this new Squarespace format to better organize what you see when you visit. It's been a while since I've created a blog post, and with my new internet home, I will be able to bring you more variety of content.

I've been sitting on this set of shots for several months now, waiting to have the perfect place to share. These two gorgeous golden muses are my friends Carrie and Kathleen. They were sweet enough to model for me this spring, in the middle of Pisgah National Forest.

Makeup by the incredible Ali Lawless.

In this story, we are happening upon two sorceresses in the woods.